Selfie tyč DELUXE BT100

New product

- fully adjustable telescopic rod
- lightweight and compact
- can be rotated up to 180° on the standard tripod screw
- handle with comfortable rubber coating
- specially shaped frame and shutter control directly on the rod
- anti-rotate locking notch

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Compact and lightweight collapsible selfie stick designed for LAMAX action cameras and smartphones. Specially shaped frame and anti-rotate locking notch provides mobile phone support and protection even when taking action shots. A remote camera shutter integrated into the handle makes shooting easy and ensure you won't miss a thing. Use it to take a selfie anywhere and any time. Pull it out of your pocket and take a shot in seconds.

Telescopic rod with adjustable length

This mount for shooting selfies will help you acquire an even more perfect self-portrait, making you the envy of all your friends on social networks. Its telescopic adjustable length is designed for digital cameras and can be perfectly customised to suit your needs. At one end of the stick is there is a standard tripod screw and at the other end a comfortable anti-slip handle. With this selfie stick you will acquire the perfect selfie easily. Due to its low weight and compact dimensions, it can be taken on holiday and used even when on a hike. Despite being lightweight, its construction is high-quality and delivers in compactness and portability.

Use it with your smartphone

This mount is not only designed for digital cameras and action cameras (requires adapter, not included), but also for smartphones Included in the pack is a specially designed phone holder which can be attached to the end of the stick thanks to the standard tripod screw. Then simply place your phone into the holder. The holder is compatible with almost all devices – smartphones up to a width of 8cm and all iPhones. Moreover it is possible to rotate up to 180° meaning that in all circumstances you can compose the perfect shot you need.

Notch to prevent accidental twisting

The selfie stick is equipped with a notch to prevent it from rotating accidentally. This ensures that after you have placed your smartphone or camera on the rod, you don't have to worry that it will twist downward under its own weight. The notch ensures that your device remains in the position you need, guaranteeing the best selfie under any circumstances. It won't twist even when moved rapidly or waved.

Shutter control directly on the stick

To make shooting even more comfortable, there is a shutter control directly on the stick. No need to set the timer on your camera or phone or use an external remote control. With this selfie stick you can take a photo in the easiest way possible. The monopod wirelessly pairs with your device and then take a shot by pressing the button directly on the handle. Charge using the supplied USB cable.

Easy to use

Using the monopod to take a selfie is really simple. The mount should firstly be charged using the included USB cable. The LED light on the underside indicates when it is fully charged. Next pair the stick with your smartphone which takes a matter of seconds. Then use the standard tripod screw to attach either a digital camera or the smartphone mount. The screw can be rotated 180° to set the desired angle and the length of the stick can be adjusted to compose the perfect shot. Then simply take a shot by pressing the button on the handle.

Technical specifications    
Rod length: 23 cm - 100 cm
Weight: 169 g
Load capacity: 500 g
Colour: black

Key features

Telescopic rod with adjustable length
Standard tripod screw with the possibility to rotate up to 180 °
Fixed frame mount for smartphones
Charging via USB
Wireless pairing with your device
Shutter button located directly on the rod, eliminating the need for external remote control
Handle with excellent anti-slip rubber coating,  wrist/hanging  strap
Simple design, light weight, compact
The perfect solution for the latest craze
Pack contents    

1x Selfie stick (monopod) with built-in shutter for Android and iOS
1x frame mount for smartphone
1x USB Power Cable


LAMAX action cameras (adapter for mounting on a pole is part of the basic LAMAX ACTION camera pack)