LAMAX EasyLight1

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Portable lamp with integrated battery, IEC certified eye protection, powerbank function, flexible neck, stepless brightness control, touch control.

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LAMAX EasyLight1

Light in its purest form

LAMAX EasyLight1

Elegant light source wherever you go

Whether you’re working on the terrace in the early morning, reading in the park or camping with the family, the EasyLight1 lamp will always be ready for use. The flexible neck ensures you can direct the light as needed. With an integrated high-quality 4000 mAh lithium battery you don’t need to be within reach of the power outlet. On a single charge, it lasts at least 8 hours at maximum brightness but with standard usage you’ll not need a power source for 2 days.

LAMAX EasyLight1

19 hours of operation at work

21 hours of pleasant evening lighting inside

20 hours of operation when reading

40 hours of light when camping

Juice for your phone

The EasyLight1 helps out, even when your phone or tablet ae almost out of juice. Smart electronics make it possible to use the lamp battery as a powerbank. You can even charge 2 devices at the same time. On the back of the lamp there are 2 USB slots with a maximum output current of 2.1A. This means you can charge one smart device in fast-charging mode. The powerbank function may also serve as standard charger with 2 x USB slot when the lamp is permanently connected to the power supply.

LAMAX EasyLight1

Practical use of minimalist design

The design of the EasyLight1 lamp fits perfectly in any modern interior design. Just functional parts, fine elegant lines, basic geometric shapes and all from high-quality materials. Convenient, intuitive to use, in combination with a minimalist, clean design also have a positive effect on your psyche. Everything is so clear that it is much easier to feel relaxed and to concentrate on work.

LAMAX EasyLight1


LAMAX EasyLight1

1) Reflective surface - saves energy and increases the efficiency of the LED radiation. No rays are absorbed by the body of the lamp.

2) Panel light transmission - the lamp light is completely neutral. It does not affect the colour of the surroundings in any way. Thus, the eyes see the true colours of the illuminated objects.

3) Matt panel cover - dispersing the light rays and softening the panel radiation. The lamp light is not sharp. The soft light increases the feeling of comfort and is more pleasant to work in.

Eye fatigue is a thing of the past

Everyone who often works with electronics, knows that after a few hours their eyes start to get tired or even start burning and watering. This is due to long-term exposure to blue light electronics and ultraviolet radiation. But we all have to work. The programmed light index of the EasyLight1 LEDs addresses this issue. It works as an additional light source that cancels out the effects of exposure to blue light emitted by electronic devices. This light profile is also ideal for reading. The lamp has even passed the strict criteria for granting IEC certification for the electrical safety of electrical products.

LAMAX EasyLight1

Mobility and versatility

Integrated battery allows the lamp to be carried without having to be near a socket. The design allows you to set the lamp as needed.

Integrated battery

4000 mAh, min. 8 hours at maximum luminosity and with standard usage it guarantees approximately 20 hours of use on a single charge.

Flexible neck

Flexible neck guarantees the right position and direction of the light.

Powerbank function

2 x USB port, with the total output voltage 2.1A.

Simple to use

Control it using the single touch of a button. Switch on/off with a gentle touch. Stepless brightness controls when you hold your finger on the button.

Healthy eye radiation

Lamp has an IEC certificate for electrical safety of electrotechnical products.

Set light memory

after turning on, the lamp is set to its last used brightness level. The brightness does not need to be reset.

High-quality materials

The lamp is made from high-quality coated plastics. The inside of the neck is made of stacked copper tubes. This ensures a long service life even with frequent bending of the lamp neck. The light panel circuit is made of aluminium, which is great at conducting heat. The lamp will never overheat, the heat is dissipated effectively and also increases its battery life. The base of the lamp has a rubber surface to ensure its stability.

Key Features

  • portable lamp with integrated battery
  • IEC certified eye protection
  • powerbank function
  • flexible neck
  • stepless brightness control
  • touch control

Pack contents

  • Design lamp LAMAX EasyLight1
  • Micro USB cable - 0,5m
  • Micro USB cabel - 2m
  • User manuál and safety warnings