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  • LAMAX X10.1
    LAMAX X10.1

    Flagship LAMAX camera with real 4K resolution at 30 fps, gyro and...

    174,9 €
  • Street ST-1 by LAMAX Beat
    LAMAX Street ST-1

    Wireless speaker with high-quality stereo sound and multiple inputs....

    35,0 €
    LAMAX C3

    Interpolated full HD, parking mode, motion detection, english menu, easy...

    45,0 €
  • Sentinel SE-1 by LAMAX Beat
    LAMAX Sentinel SE-1

    Compact sound system is perfect for the streets of the city and...

    44,9 €
  • LAMAX 10 000 mAh
    LAMAX 10 000 mAh Quick Charge

    Capacity 10 000 mAh, fast charging technology - Quick Charge 3.0, 2 USB...

    23,9 €
    LAMAX C7

    Full HD, parking mode, simple installation, timelapse function, optional...

    89,9 €
  • Sounder SO-1 by LAMAX Beat
    LAMAX Sounder SO-1

    Next generation wireless Bluetooth speaker. 360 degree audio solution...

    79,9 €
  • Sphere SP-1 by LAMAX Beat
    LAMAX Sphere SP-1

    Despite being one of the most compact systems on the market, you'll be...

    19,9 €
  • LAMAX Dots1
    LAMAX Dots1

    Wireless earbuds with Bluetooth 5.0, up to 30 hours of endurance with a...

    69,9 €
  • Blaze B-1 by LAMAX Beat
    LAMAX Blaze B-1

    Bluetooth headphones with rich but balanced sound, high-quality...

    39,9 €

New products

  • LAMAX W9
    LAMAX W9

    Waterproof 4K/30 fps action camera, Full HD up to 120 fps, 2"...

    279,9 €
  • LAMAX Storm1
    LAMAX Storm1

    Speaker with Bluetooth 5.0, 40W of power, IP67 water resistance, 3 audio...

    139,9 €
  • LAMAX Sentinel2
    LAMAX Sentinel2

    Speaker with Bluetooth 5.0, 20W of power and superb audio, IP67 water...

    79,9 €

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Showing 1 - 16 of 62 items