Dog harness for LAMAX ACTION X

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With this harness you can capture amazing shots from your dog's perspective, allowing you to see the world through the eyes of your 4-legged friend. The harness is suitable for dogs weighing 5-40 kg and is made from high-quality materials providing a comfortable fit without restricting the dog's movement. Make your shots the envy of everyone using the dog harness.

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Unique footage from your pet's perspective:

This action camera dog harness will provide you with really unusual shots that will entertain you and your friends. Harness allows you to capture the world from a dog's perspective so you can view the world through your dog's eyes. This produces really unique and attractive shots. The camera may be attached to the dog's back or chest giving you two different perspectives.

Reinforced design and comfortable material for maximum comfort:

The dog harness is made of high-quality materials ensuring comfort and safety for your pet. No need to worry about the safety of your dog. The harness is made from a soft reinforced design which ensures a comfortable fit. Furthermore it is made from a comfortable material that does not restrict the dog's movement in any way. Even with the harness your dog can run, play and even swim.

The harness is made from washable materials so no need to worry about dirt or puddles. Harness can be easily cleaned and prepared for its next use. The harness is designed for small and medium sized dogs. You can attach it to dogs weighing 5-40 kg to capture unique shots of your dog's experiences and adventures.

Maximum care for animal safety:

Despite the best efforts of the manufacturer to ensure the safety of your pet by using a reinforced design and high-quality materials, it is recommended that you supervise your dog whilst wearing the harness to ensure the safety of your pet and camera. This guarantees that everything is OK and you can monitor your currently acquired footage.

Pack contents:

1x dog harness